Let us manage your property!

Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Property Managers have been in business since 1989. We attract good tenants and have had an eviction rate of less than 1% over the past 6 years!

Our company is based only in the Hemet-San Jacinto area.  We can reach all our properties within 15 minutes making it easier for our tenants to do business with us; we show properties right away and react quickly to emergency situations.

We contract all the work needed to make your home ready for renters and work hard to find the right tenant for you. We organize extensive advertising online and in local newspapers, at 24 X 36 inches we have the biggest rent signs in the area because we want your property to be seen.

hemet san jacinto valley property managers for rent sign

Our Services Are Summarized Below

For the investor who wants to manage his own property we:

  • Advertise for the property;
  • Screen prospective tenants;
  • Prepare and sign the Lease/Rental Agreement;
  • Collect the first month’s rent and the security deposit;
  • Release those funds to the owner;
  • Conduct a walk through inspection after the tenant moves in.

At this point, we turn all documents back to the owner.

Full Time Management:

Easiest for the investor, this plan includes everything above, as well as the following:

  • Collect rent every monthly;
  • Prepare monthly financial statements;
  • Consolidate year-to-date financial statements monthly;
  • Perform bi-yearly inspections of the outside of the property;
  • Carry out yearly inspections of the interior of the property;
  • Arrange all maintenance requests;
  • Personally inspect and photograph all repairs;


Contact our management team for more information.  We offer our free expert consultation about a recommended rental price based upon the geographic area, square footage and amenities.   We keep your information strictly confidential.